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​compiled by Martin Gibbs
Current Forecast issued at 19:00 16/12/2016

​With Christmas just around the corner I expect many people are wondering if there is any nasty weather to worry about over the Christmas period. Well the answer is there will be some wind and rain around that's for certain but how much is uncertain at the moment. In the meantime the current misty and murky but relatively mild weather will continue for three or four more days though it will slowly become less mild than recently. Then towards midweek a spell of rain will move East across the area opening the door to the Atlantic for more potent bouts of wind and rain than we have seen for some time. This intensifies even more over the Christmas period with strong winds and potential gales accompanying spells of rain and showers. For anyone looking for snow over Christmas there is an almost nil chance of that happening this year as winds look set Westerly off the Atlantic ensuring anything that falls from the sky will be of the watery variety with temperatures close to average or somewhat above at times. Then as we move further out towards the New Year current thinking is that it will stay relatively mild with the unsettled weather of Christmas giving way to drier conditions again with High pressure developing close to or to the East of the UK. It should be noted that at time of issuing this forecast we are still 8 days away from the big day and forecast details can and probably will change between now and then. However, I think there is insufficient cold weather over Europe and to the North plus with the expected prevailing winds likely to be from a Westerly point over Christmas it is with high confidence that I say that snow is very unlikely over Christmas this year.

I am an amateur meteorologist and while I believe my forecasts are reasonably accurate no decisions on using my forecasts for taking on weather dependant or dangerous outdoor pursuits without obtaining further advice from professional meteorological organisations is recommended. The UK Met Office is the best place to obtain up to the minute information on current and forecast predictions. Such information can be sought by first visiting their website at:-